Abbreviated Notes from the 2014 Boston Qualifier

The following took place at T.T. the Bear’s Place in Cambridge on May 24. The event was hosted by Captain Airhab.


Scott, a medic in the U.S. Armed Forces, performed second, under the name “Warpath.” His costume consisted of a fake mohawk, numerous temporary tattoos, a nose piercing, and a brass knuckles necklace. He attended the concert with composer José Elizondo, who had never seen an air guitar competition.


Jeffery “Rockupine” Stiles was among the three performers to advance to the regional competition in New York City.


Canadian Bacon was the only woman to compete, and her Canadian citizenship occasioned multiple “U.S.A.!” chants throughout the night. Her husband and host Captain Airhab did mention that she has dual citizenship.


The night ended with a collective performance of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Freebird,” during which all audience members got on stage to perform the nearly nine-minute song.


Other notes:

  • The Beastie Boys’ “(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)” was the surprise song in the second round. Performers had to improvise a routine to the song on the spot. It ended at an awkward place–after the word “fight” in the chorus.
  • lots of glitter and air puns (ex. “air traffic controller” = sound engineer who played the songs)
  • The song choices in the first round ranged from Metallica’s “Battery” to Bach’s “Bourrée in E minor”
  • numerous technical malfunctions with microphones
  • approximately 35 to 45 people in attendance
  • attendees’ reasons for attendance: knowing performers, being a performer in the past, following air guitar online, seeing listings on “Things to Do”-style websites for Boston, and having a longstanding relationship with the air guitar community
  • two of the three judges performed personas, yet all three participated in fabricating imaginary details about the performers
  • Captain Airhab also gave fictitious biographies for each performer




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