2004: AIR-obics Fitness Class in London

2004: AIR-obics Fitness Class in London

This comes via The Guardian:

“There’s something about asking if anyone in the class has knee problems before they drop to the floor for a classic Jimi Hendrix layback that’s just not rock’n’roll. But at a time when David Bowie needs an angioplasty and Slash plays in a band that has banned drugs backstage, perhaps the time has come for air-guitar aerobics.

Yes, air guitar has skulked its way out of the locked teenage bedroom and into a sleek fitness studio in Holborn. The classes will probably appeal most to those among us – and let’s face it, you’re probably male – who will only be tempted into a fitness class by the promise of unrestrained thrashing to the Beastie Boys.

Only the instructor is the very female Kayla, a friendly blonde in large hoop earrings. No one has a death metal T-shirt on. And the class gets going with some gentle stretching, albeit to Def Leppard’s Pour Some Sugar On Me.”

The author clearly harbors some rigid ideas about gender and public/privates debates related to air guitar.


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