2014: NYC Regional Competition Notes


Here are some highlights from my notes from the New York City Regional Air Guitar Competition (7/1/2014):

  • high-quality video intro (where can I find this online?); sets the tone for the competition; establishes the “US Air Guitar” brand
  • a lot of “U-S-A” chants (with a few anti-Russian comments from MC Dan and judges); a distinctively patriotic atmosphere (or was the patriotism ironic?)
  • some choreography of the air guitar extended beyond music performance (ex. G Tso Money taking his guitar off of air stand and putting it back onto its air stand after the performance)
  • Marteeka’s performance to Pitbull’s “Timber” stood out for a number of reasons: only person performing as a woman, song was outside of rock canon, and impressive acrobatics (splits and cartwheels made use of whole body more so than other performers)
  • halftime show juxtaposed various male body types
  • Windhammer took risk by not playing along with the second-round compulsory track; he chose to remain still until the lead guitar came in (about 10 secs into the song); the judges praised this selective playing along and felt it represented showmanship
  • Aristotle (probably benefiting from going towards the end and hearing the compulsory song more times than others) nailed the transitions between the various guitar parts
  • the compulsory song was particularly complicated, with complicated rhythms, multiple overlapping guitar parts, and an abrupt ending
  • judges used improv terms (ex. “object work”)
  • variety of audience members: Wall Street stock brokers, cupcake shop owners, students, air guitar fans, past performers, and friends of participants

Links to some good recaps:

  • Camille Barichelo recaps the entire night.
  • Here is the local CBS coverage of the night.
  • Official recap on the US Air Guitar website.
  • Slideshow of the night’s performances.



2 thoughts on “2014: NYC Regional Competition Notes

  1. I love your site! But one correction: Marteeka wasn’t the only female performer. There was another woman onstage, although she did have a heavy beard and a male name… that’s right, Gary was a woman!

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