Close Reading: “Your Daddy” and His Key to Success

While grilling sausages in Iso-Syöte, Kereel (“Your Daddy”) explained to Eric Melin that he studied all of the previous second-round songs from years past. He didn’t necessarily memorize routines to the songs, but he developed a familiarity with the guitar parts from all twenty songs, since he figured there would be a possibility that one of the songs would resurface in the 20th anniversary competition. The strategy paid off.

Although he didn’t stick the ending in his round two track, he clearly nailed the final “Air Off” (the third round tiebreaker with Airistotle). When they announced the tiebreaker, they told the two remaining competitors that they needed to improvise a routine to a surprise song. They played the song once, in order to allow competitors a chance to sketch a routine in their heads. Typically, air guitarists would try to pay attention to the track’s beginning and end, as well as dramatic changes within the track. As they played the song for the two competitors for this tiebreaker, I could see Kereel casually chatting with people on stage, instead of focussing on the song. He clearly knew the song.

Kereel nailed the routine–hitting each strum in sync and recognizing when to play riffs and when to play power chords. His round 3 performance is the third routine in this video:

Kereel even saved his “electric” gloves for the tiebreaker, simply counting on the fact that the competition would come down to a final tiebreaker.


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