Nick Jonas’s Guitar Fail

At the Academy of Country Music Awards in 2016, Nick Jonas delivered a guitar solo that became famous as an epic failure. After video clips circulated of Jonas misplaying notes in his televised performance, amateur performers online created remediations of his original performance: cover versions of his solo, samples of his solo in new music tracks, tablature notations of his solo, detailed textual analyses of his solo, and instructional videos on how to play his solo. The amount and variety of remediation that followed Jonas’s initial performance reflects the emergence of new online genres that involve the performance of media consumption—staging the process by which people interpret, consume, and participate in media. By highlighting their ability to exaggerate, reconfigure, and manipulate media, these amateur performers demonstrate their aptitude and status as discerning and active mass media consumers. You might think of it as remediation as a form of taste.

Here are some examples:

First, the tab of the solo surfaced:–video–tab/57453

Then covers of the solo emerged:

And, perhaps topping them all, SamuraiGuitarist corrected the solo, but not in the way you would think…


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