Air Guitar 2017: Unlearing Guitar, Learning Air Guitar

air guitar costumeAs I finalize my choreography for tonight, I realize that I’ve had to do some significant unlearning of “there guitar.” For starters, I realize that I had to mentally think of air guitar as completely different from guitar. My arms need to move much more expansively than with the there guitar. My strumming needs to be more dramatic. My legs need to move, which they never do when I play guitar. My facial gestures need to be pronounced, which they never are when I play guitar. Ultimately, I need to think of air guitar as not playing guitar.

My routine is turning up nicely, although I’m still nervous about a few moves. Should I start with my back to the audience and play a little that way? Will that translate to the audience? Should I finger pick or pretend to use an air pick? Should I pretend to play piano at the beginning and end, or will this confuse the judges?

I sketched out my choreography, using a homemade notation system. I basically drew arrows associated with each note, showing when I should move up or down the neck. It doesn’t really matter where I move on the neck, so long as I move higher on the neck as the notes get higher and lower when the notes get lower. I also believe I’ll be able to do all of this in costume, although my turtleneck sweater makes it slightly hard to move.

Tonight is the night. Here goes nothing, as they say.


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