Karaoke and White Supremacy

There’s an academic article that I’ve always wanted to write on white supremacy and karaoke. The breaking news yesterday about alt-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulous performing “America the Beautiful” at One Nostalgia Tavern in Dallas, while Richard Spencer and others give Nazi salutes in the crowd, comes as little surprise and warrants a little analysis of […]

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Karaoke Exhibit at Towson University

On Thursday (February 16), I had the honor of hosting a panel in Towson University’s Center for the Arts, where some of the most distinguished KJs in the D.C./Baltimore area shared their expertise. Collectively, the KJs represented nearly 150 years of karaoke hosting experience with clients ranging from Wolf Blitzer to the Philippine Festival at the Maryland State […]

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Air Guitar & Karaoke Intersections

Dan Crane should be credited with inventing “aireoke,” which involves miming the instrumental parts of popular music tracks in a karaoke-style format. According to him, he invented it in the basement of .45 Special in Oulu. But karaoke has always had an embodied dimension. Last night, during the events for the Air Guitar World Championship, a […]

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