Nick Jonas’s Guitar Fail

At the Academy of Country Music Awards in 2016, Nick Jonas delivered a guitar solo that became famous as an epic failure. After video clips circulated of Jonas misplaying notes in his televised performance, amateur performers online created remediations of his original performance: cover versions of his solo, samples of his solo in new music […]

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Air Guitar: Batteries Not Included

As an early Christmas gift, my mother gave me this: While this is obviously not an air guitar (maybe it’s a “there air guitar”?), I am fascinated by the kind of argument this device makes–the idea that anything that is not a “real” guitar is in some sense part of a subordinate class of guitars that may be subsumed under […]

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Hateful Youtube Comments

Air guitar seems to strike a nerve with so many people. Because air guitar plays with concepts like virtuosity, realness, masculinity, irony, sincerity, and musicianship, it seems to invite contests over meaning and values. With that in mind, here are some Youtube comments from this video: Note: Many of these people were sent to this page by Ke$ha, who […]

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(Air)ientation: Saunas and Butts

After returning from a fascinating and productive trip to Oulu, Finland, I have countless observations, and it will take me a long time to synthesize my findings into more general trends and observations. Since this is the first week of school for me, my reflections may be sporadic and certainly scatterbrained, since jet lag and […]

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